Monthly Archives - January 2016

Why Social Media Advertising Is Set To Explode In The Next 3 Years

Display ads and paid search ads both have their place, but columnist Sonny Ganguly argues that social media advertising is quickly becoming a powerful player in the online advertising game. Social media advertising has come a long way in a relatively short period of time. When Facebook launched its first advertising option in May 2005, no one could have predicted that the advertising revenue would be estimated to reach $8.4 billion in 2015, just ten years later. Online advertising is a natural [...]


Notes On Being A Better Manager

Quick hits on being a better manager beginning this Monday morning. Drink some coffee and shoot for 5 out of the 10 tips below and you will be well on your way to being a good manager. 1. Pencil in intentional one-on-one time with your direct report. Put it on the calendar and send out meeting invite like you would a typical meeting. Go out for lunch or coffee. Make a rule not to talk about work but check in [...]


5 Must Watch Ted Talks

I’m rapidly becoming a righteous follower of TED presentations, not only as the embodiment of “ideas worth sharing,” but as a format for presentation that would benefit every entrepreneur, they’re full of insights on everything from human nature to scientific breakthroughs to trends in design. They’re inspirational, informative and eye-opening in ways that can help you become a better person and a better professional. I love the quick, easy-to-digest videos with just the right amount of important information to entertain and educate [...]