Monthly Archives - June 2016

5 Reasons Why You Need Social Media For Your Business

We’re not going to go into statistics about how many people are online and on social media these days, we imagine you know. Presuming, that you know that social media is good for sharing your content with thousands of people at once, that is not the only thing it’s good for. However, not everyone is convinced. Lets delve into why your business needs social media and what it can do for you. Social Media allows you to get to know [...]


So You Want To Learn How To Network. But Are You Interesting?

There are a number of how to network articles, podcasts, and courses out there. I am going to let you research the ins and outs of networking by visiting the oracle that is Google. Before you run out to follow the ins and outs of networking per Google. Let’s discuss whether you are interesting enough for people to want to network with you in the first place. I am sorry if that sounds harsh, but human beings are fickle [...]